Living Hope Community Church

Understanding and applying the Bible to our daily lives is our priority


Why Christianity
If you aren't excited about your faith, you probably won't share it with others. This class aims to show you why Christianity is awesome. Our goal is to help you understand your faith better and see how it compares to other ways of thinking and living. Come and get encouraged.
Paul the Apostle
We'll delve deep into Paul's epistles in an effort to better understand and live out our faith powerfully. Teachers include Vince Finnegan, Sean Finnegan, John Cortright, and Jacob Rohrer.
Christian Sexual Ethics
The sexual immorality of our time influences everyone from our children to every adult. Society is determining the moral ethics that are contradictory to the scriptures. Everyone who participates in the class will be given an understanding that will help to combat the evil onslaught and to live a Godly life. Children, parents and grandparents will benefit from the biblical ethics set forth in this class.
The Twelve
Join John Cortright as he teaches through the last twelve books of the Old Testament, the Minor Prophets. In the original Hebrew cannon these books were one book called "The Twelve." These books cover a time period of about 300 years from the time of the kings of Israel and Judah, through the 70 years of captivity in Babylon, to the time of the return and the rebuilding of the temple. This class will present a survey study and overview of these prophetic books, which hold both historical content for the times in which they were written, as well as understanding of future events.


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