Living Hope Community Church

Living Hope is a living church full of a wide variety of people who enjoy many different kinds of activities. Of course our main event is our Sunday worship service, which we have every week at 10:30am (more info). Beyond Sundays, we always have something going on. Below is a sampling of the fun and meaningful events we participate in each year. To the right you can view our current calendar.

Berean Bible Study

Do you ever feel famished, as if you were not getting enough in depth Bible study in your life? Look no further, because our Berean Bible Study features two hours of pure Scriptural digging. We go verse by verse and really put in the effort to comprehend what the Bible says and how we can apply it to our lives. Like the Wednesday Lunch, this meeting is open for anyone to share or ask questions.

Family Camp

Everyone needs a break some times. Why not join us at beautiful Silver Bay YMCA on Lake George for a week of family camp? Whether you are a single or bring the whole family, all are welcome. We have morning and evening Bible teachings while the afternoon is free for you to lounge in the rocking chairs, swim in the lake, hike in the mountains, or engage in any of the other activities provided.

Adult Classes

Are you a life-long learner? If so, then you'll definitely want to check out our Biblical Education Classes. We offer them in the fall and winter of each year for about eight weeks on Tuesday nights. We record our classes and offer them for free online including: Biblical Parenting, Isaiah, Marriage, Exploring Scripture, and much more. Check the calendar on the right to see if we are running classes right now.

Blood Drive

Although nobody "likes" giving blood, it is a simple fact that if enough donors don't contribute to the Red Cross, people will die. Even if our blood does not atone for the sins of the world, it sure make sense to follow Jesus' self-sacrificial example and suffer a little discomfort for the good of others. Partner with Living Hope and become a blood donor. You could end up saving someone's life.

Teen Camp

Each summer and winter we run teen camps so our up and coming adults can recharge and develop their relationships with God and each other. Teen camps are chock full of activities, team sports, small groups, inspiring sermons, worship music, and workshops. Typically we go to YMCA camps like Silver Bay on Lake George or Frost Valley in the Catskills. Many friendships that start here endure well past the teenage years and blossom into lifetime friendships.

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