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by Sean Finnegan

May 26, 2020

Are you curious how we get our English Bibles? Have you ever wondered about the manuscripts and the translation process? Join Sean Finnegan as he leads you through a journey of discovery to understand where we get our Bibles from.

# title time video
1 Introduction 03:59watch
2 The Masoretic Text 30:00watch
3 Earliest Hebrew Manuscripts 30:00watch
4 Samaritan Pentateuch and Ancient Translations 34:15watch
5 Determining the Best Hebrew Reading 30:00watch
6 Jewish Bible Translations 39:30watch
7 Greek New Testament Papyri 30:46watch
8 Greek New Testament Uncials 35:00watch
9 Other New Testament Manuscripts 36:00watch
10 Reconstructing the New Testament 29:41watch
11 New Testament Textual Criticism 37:55watch
12 Two Corrected Corruptions 34:36watch
13 Two Uncorrected Corruptions 32:11watch
14 Bible Translation Philosophies 31:01watch
15 Bible Translation Default Decisions 32:16watch
16 Gender in Bible Translation 39:00watch
17 Evaluating the King James Version 32:24watch
18 Evaluating the Message Bible and the Passion Translation 29:12watch
19 Bias in Bible Translations 28:32watch
20 God's Form or God's Nature 15:36watch
21 Bow or Worship? 25:38watch
22 Firstborn Of or Firstborn Over 19:29watch
23 Did Jesus Claim to Be The Great I AM in John 8:58 27:33watch
24 Spirit Who or Which? (Translating the Holy Spirit) 26:00watch
25 Recommending Bible Translations 28:43watch

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