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by Vince Finnegan

March 24, 2020

Five significant topics are the focus of Isaiah for You Today

Yahweh re-revealed - Yahweh was forgotten or rejected by His people for idols. Therefore, He reveals Himself again as was previously done in the Torah. Great insight that will inspire you to exalt our God will be gained

Hidden mystery, hidden no more - One of the reasons Isaiah is hard to comprehend is that much of the information was veiled because it was part of the mystery. The Apostle Paul quotes Isaiah 20 times in Romans to unveil the mystery.

Jesus the Messiah foretold - Voluminous information about the first and second coming of Jesus the Messiah is part of Isaiah. Some truths are not found anywhere else in the Bible.

Extraordinary eschatology - The phrases "in that day" and "on that day" referring to the future occur astonishingly about hundred times. Copious awareness about the age to come will strengthen the anchor of your soul.

Sin, consequences, and judgment - Another topic of great concern that has profound impact for us will be presented.

Isaiah for You Today can change your life and catapult you into a great relationship with your Father God and your Lord. Isaiah was not only for then; it is for you now.

# title time video
1 Introduction 19:34watch
2 Yahweh's Appellations 30:24watch
3 Yahweh's Appellations, Continued 20:57watch
4 Yahweh Contrasted To Idols 34:39watch
5 Idolatry Today 42:04watch
6 Hidden Mystery, Hidden No More 43:20watch
7 Hidden Mystery, Hidden No More Part 2 46:00watch
8 Jesus the Messiah Foretold 47:09watch
9 Jesus the Messiah Foretold Part 2 38:13watch
10 Jesus the Messiah Foretold Part 3 31:48watch
11 End Times Foretold Part 1 43:50watch
12 End Times Foretold Part 2 38:11watch
13 End Times Foretold Part 3 37:45watch
14 End Times Foretold Part 4 40:37watch
15 End Times Foretold Part 5 32:39watch
16 End Times Foretold Part 6 23:06watch

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