Are a life of adversity and a life of blessings diametrical opposites or complementary realities for a believer? David, one of our great patriarchs and role models, lived a life filled with adversity and extraordinary blessing. He authored many of the Psalms that revealed his thoughts and actions in the midst of his struggles. David’s… read more»

Nature, Nurture, and Faith

With advances in the past twenty years, geneticists have greatly increased our understanding of how DNA effects our human development.  Neuroscientists, bolstered by incredible imaging techniques that show activity on the molecular level of the brain, report about phenomenal electromagnetic, neurochemical, and physiological workings of our brain.  Psychologists in the past thirty years have been… read more»


“Lord, teach us to pray,” Jesus’ disciples said, and for the second time, he taught what is today commonly called the Lord’s Prayer. With the prayer he gave instruction to avoid hypocritical attention seeking and meaningless rote repetition; yet, he said to offer the prayer at least daily. Noteworthy is the substantial emphasis placed on… read more»

Godly Contentment

As is recorded in the earliest chapters of Genesis, we see that mankind became discontented. Adam and Eve lived in paradise and communed with Yahweh, yet wanted something more. Adam’s son, Cain, wanted what his brother Abel had. Joseph’s brothers were jealous of his relationship with their father, so they planned to dispose of Joseph…. read more»

Sadness, Anxiety, and Depression

For many reasons as we are living in the world, we are assaulted with sadness, depression, and anxiety. Therefore the direct scriptural imperative to rejoice is needed but also challenging. Philippians 4:4-9 provides insight into the subject. “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!” (4:4) Focus on the world around us or… read more»