Overcomers (Study of 7 churches in Revelation) Part 2 – SMYRNA

The second and third chapters of Revelation record Jesus’ communication to seven of the churches in Asia. This article is the second in a series of seven reviewing these chapters. Although Jesus spoke specifically to each church, his message is of great significance to all who want to enter the Kingdom of God. CHURCH IN… read more»

Dealing with Our Culture 4: Progress

Over the course of time, humanity has made incredible progress.  Slavery was once a widespread and accepted institution, but it is almost universally outlawed today.  Workers’ rights, including child labor and equal opportunity employment, have made great strides in the last century.  The realm of medicine has made remarkable progress over the last couple of… read more»

Dealing with Our Culture 3: Tolerance

Tolerance, as our culture defines it, is the idea that people should have the freedom to be themselves.  You shouldn’t try to change people or hold them to your standards.  You certainly shouldn’t push your religion on others.  Faith is a private matter, so proselytizing is immoral.  You shouldn’t label, define, or stereotype people.  Since… read more»