Nature, Nurture, and Faith

With advances in the past twenty years, geneticists have greatly increased our understanding of how DNA effects our human development.  Neuroscientists, bolstered by incredible imaging techniques that show activity on the molecular level of the brain, report about phenomenal electromagnetic, neurochemical, and physiological workings of our brain.  Psychologists in the past thirty years have been… read more»

Godly Contentment

As is recorded in the earliest chapters of Genesis, we see that mankind became discontented. Adam and Eve lived in paradise and communed with Yahweh, yet wanted something more. Adam’s son, Cain, wanted what his brother Abel had. Joseph’s brothers were jealous of his relationship with their father, so they planned to dispose of Joseph…. read more»


Heroin, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, marijuana ‒ which is the most dangerous drug of all? In my experience after decades of counseling hundreds of drug users and addicts, without doubt marijuana is the most dangerous. The detrimental effects with all the others are far more immediate and devastating with the addicts experiencing jail, institutions, or death…. read more»